Snow & weather reporting will resume in early to mid-November!
Ski Free after 3

Ski after 3 on Sunnyside, Albion and Cecret* Lifts for a $10 ticket, a $5 ticket reload or a Alta Card product. (*Cecret closes at 3:30)

Skiers will buy passes and use the gates.

The 3 base area tows(Grizzyly tow, Transfer tow and Alta Lodge tow) will still be free all day, everyday.


Where: Sunnyside**, Albion**,*** and Cecret* lifts
* - Cecret lift closes at 3:30pm!
** - Albion & Sunnyside lifts close at 4:30pm!
*** - Serves as an auxilliary lift & will run when conditions dictate!
When: Every Day
Parking: Albion Base
Alta Ski Shop - Wildcat Base available after 12:30 pm
  • Adult's Equipment - $19 plus tax
  • Kid's Equipment - $13 plus tax
Alta Sports - Albion Base available after 12:30 pm
  • Standard 1/2 day rates apply
Passes: Pass/Ticket is required

Ski Free After 3
Are the Alta Card products available for purchase online?

Is there a Ski after 3 Season Pass?
Yes. All of our Alta Card products allow you to ski free after 3 on Sunnyside and Cecret. Visit our season cards page for purchase links!

Are the Alta Card products available for purchase online?
Yes, they are available for purchase on our Season Cards page!

Will I be charged for using my Alta Card product for Ski after 3?
No, Alta Card product holders receive complimentary Ski after 3 skiing on Sunnyside, Albion and Cecret(Cecret closes at 3:30).

Does it matter if I have another RFID ski pass in my pocket with my Alta Card product?
Yes! Please place your Alta Card product in a pocket by itself and do not bring any other RFID with you. If you have another pass in one of your pockets, the gates may not open or you may be charged for a day of skiing if the other pass has that capability.

How do I purchase a $10 Ski after 3 ticket?
You will need to purchase that ticket at the Albion Base or Wildcat Base ticket office. Once you have purchased that ticket, you may reload it for $5 each day you ski.

May I reload my $5 Ski after 3 ticket online?
No. Alta's Afternoon, Late Afternoon and Ski After 3 tickets cannot be reloaded online.