24hr Snow:4"/10cm
Lockers and Storage
Seasonal Ski lockers
BulletAlbion Day Lodge - $249
Call 801-359-1078 to reserve a locker! *DETAILS
BulletNew Buckhorn Building - $299
Call 801-359-1078 to reserve a locker! *DETAILS

Public day lockers
BulletAlbion Ticket Office801-359-1078
Large lockers for luggage available as well as small day lockers
BulletAlbion Day Lodge801-742-2614
BulletGoldminer's Daughter801-742-2300

Overnight bag storage, ski checks & boot drying
BulletAlta Java801-742-2614
*Seasonal ski storage - $140

Day bag storage & ski checks
BulletAlf's Restaurant801-799-2292
BulletWatson Shelter801-799-2292
No ski check
BulletAlta Java801-742-2614
*Seasonal ski storage - $140

*Seasonal Locker Details:
  • Locker dimensions are 12" wide x 16" deep x 84" high and can fit at least 2 pairs of skis. Two people can share a locker.
  • Access to lockers will be seven days per week between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm during the winter ski season.
  • Both locker rooms are adjacent to public restrooms and have snow level access.
  • Locker tenants provide their own lock
  • No Food or drink may be stored overnight in the lockers.
  • Stickers may not be placed in or on any locker surface.
  • Locks must be removed and lockers vacated by May 1, 2015. At the end of the season we will evaluate being in the seasonal ski locker business.
  • Locker tenants are expected to be considerate of other tenants, keep their locker clean and not damage their locker in any way.