24hr Snow:4"/10cm
Female powder skier
Heli-ski prep camp at Alta Ski Area
Chicks in the Chopper
Advanced and expert women skiers looking for a heli-ski prep camp, Alta is here for you!

Alta, Utah is nestled at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon and averages 560 inches of snow a season with 2,200 acres of great skiing! Deep powder, a variety of terrain and spectacular scenery makes Alta a fabulous training ground for your next heli-skiing adventure. Connie Knab of Alta's Alf Engen Ski School will share the skills for better deep snow skiing performance. Finding the rhythm of the snow and using the "soft carve" and "ready pole" technique will keep you moving down the mountain in style and keep pace!
Prep camp dates: January 11 - 13, 2013 (3 full days of instruction & coaching)
Cost:$860   Including a 3-day lift pass.
         $660   Lift pass NOT included.
Day 1 topic: The Foundation
Understanding how good fundamental skiing movements create really fun skiing in more places on the mountain. Each skier will receive personal feedback on her use of the fundamental movements.
Day 2 & 3 topic: Building the Foundation
Understanding deep snow skiing skills; soft carve, ready pole and floating to harmonize with the rhythm of the snow. Each skier will receive personal feedback to build on her skills for mor fun in deep snow.
Registration: Please contact Connie Knab at or for more info about Alta Ski Area go to www.alta.com.

Bonus Aprés Ski Party: Hosted by CMH heli-skiing
For those interested in heli-skiing - join up for an Aprés ski party. Special guests Roko Koell, CMH mountain guide and Victoria Reynolds will share the CMH story and fill you in on the epic conditions happening in Canada right now. Learn about Connie's Chicks in the Chopper trip to CMH Revelstoke April 1-6, 2013, and have all your heli-ski questions answered. Everyone Welcome.
Date: Saturday January 12, 2013 at 4:30pm in The Rustler Lodge
Registration: Go to www.cmhski.com/alta-apres or contact Vicki Reynolds at .