24hr Snow:1"/3cm
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AltaSnowbird ONE TICKET
Alta Ski Area and Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort are pleased to offer the AltaSnowbird Pass which enables skiers to access both resorts' terrain. A connection gate at the saddle separating Alta's Albion Basin and Snowbird's Mineral Basin is used to move between the two resorts. Day Passes are available at any Alta or selected Snowbird ticket window. Alta and Snowbird continue to maintain separate ownership and operation, preserving the unique skiing experience and resort atmosphere each offers. Guests can continue to purchase individual resort passes.

Skiers have access to the following on ONE TICKET:
AltaSnowbird Connection overview
  • 4,700 acres of skiable terrain (1,902 hectares)
  • 1,175 acres of beginner terrain (476 hectares)
  • 1,755 acres of intermediate terrain (710 hectares)
  • 1,770 acres of expert terrain (716 hectares)
  • 540" of annual snowfall (1,372 cm)
  • 1 Tram
  • 7 detachable quad lifts Detachable Quad
  • 1 detachable triple lift Detachable Triple
  • 1 triple lifts Triple
  • 9 double lifts Double
  • 8 surface tows
  • 1 Tunnel
  • 9 base area lodges
  • 22 restaurants